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    Playing Craps

    Craps is the most popular among all dice games in the West but backgammon is more popular in the East; everyday thousands of people swarm into land-based and online casinos just to play this wonderful game which presents a rather fair shot for winning a substantial amount of money (if you know how to bet in craps). This game is perhaps the single source inside casinos that produces so much commotion, if you haven't seen a craps table then you are ready for a surprise - colorful people shouting and cheering while one person alone is about to throw the dice. Then, a split second after he throws the dice - silence - and then all the voices hit you: cheerful against the depressed cries, all in one spot only - the craps table!

    Online Craps

    The Internet age of casinos brought a rise in the amount of demand for casino craps online and so in few years all online casinos presented reliable applications that imitate the experience of playing free craps game in land-based casinos. Today every player can choose to play craps on the internet or simply to travel to a casino, the experience is almost the same.

    Playing Free Online Craps

    When it comes to free craps then the only place to do so is at home, where you can either play a cheap imitation with dice or you can log into online casinos that offer free online craps. You should know that when you're playing free online craps you risk nothing and have your fun, but it's not the same when playing for real money in various online casinos. Before you play free online craps, consider the lack of the risk factor and decide if that is what you want. Many prefer skill games such as poker or backgammon rather than pure luck games such as craps, slot machines or bingo.

    Our Craps Agenda

    When it comes to the best online casinos tips, strategies guides, game rules, craps tip and all other craps relayed material - you can be sure that PlayersHome.com is providing you with the best. We are always glad to equip our readers with the best tools to beat the house and gain easy money fast. Take a look in our guides, check a few websites, try to find the online casino bonus that suits you best, and then go and play craps as much as you want knowing that you learned from the best and winning bonus codes.